What we do

When it comes to eliminating match-fixing, we’re all on the same team. In addition to their licensing and regulatory obligations, our members have a clear commercial need to work with other stakeholders to address betting-related corruption.

Together with our partners we have played a significant role in the investigation, prosecution and sanctioning of parties involved in match-fixing. We also actively participate in high-level discussions at both a national and international level to support informed policies that protect legitimate operators, sports and consumers.

Building alliances is at the core of our approach and is focused on the following:

Safeguarding Betting Integrity

Our Monitoring & Alert Platform is a highly effective anti-corruption tool that detects and reports suspicious activity on our members’ betting markets. Our bespoke system tracks transactional activity linked to individual consumer accounts, clearly distinguishing it from commercial monitoring systems focused on simple odds movements. We have longstanding information sharing partnerships with leading sports bodies including FIFA, UEFA, ITIA and the IOC and many gambling regulators to utilise this data and prosecute corruption. We maintain a policy of transparency and publish quarterly integrity reports analysing activity reported on our platform.

Advocating Informed Policies

We are a leading voice in the global integrity debate engaging with policymakers, regulatory authorities and sporting bodies. We promote informed policies by heightening awareness about the main sources of betting corruption and how to confront them. The association promotes evidence-based, proportionate measures that keep betting within regulated channels and thereby reduce corruption. We have helped shape the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, engage in the European Commission Expert Group on Integrity and have supported the establishment of betting integrity oversight measures in the US market.

Research & Education

The hard evidence gathered on our Monitoring & Alert Platform serves as the basis for our informed policy approach. Our in-depth research reports and position papers have informed policymakers across six continents. That data-driven approach has been further strengthened through our partnership with H2 Gambling Capital, the leading provider of global betting data and market intelligence.

Supporting the education of players and other sporting personnel is key to protecting the integrity of sport. We support a number of European Union Erasmus+ funded anti-match-fixing projects:

  • PROtect Integrity run by EU Athletes, which has reached more than 33,500 elite players in 13 European countries and 12 different sports since 2010.
  • PROtect Integrity Plus has developed a Red Button App allowing athletes to report approaches, suspicions and concerns in relation to match-fixing.
    Watch the video about the project
  • Anti-Match Fixing Top Training (AMATT) run by Transparency international improves the understanding of sports organisations in fighting match-fixing.
  • Training on Protected Reporting System for Professional and Grassroot Sport (T-PREG) educates sports on the use of reporting systems to combat match-fixing.
  • Fundacja Ekstraklasy anti-match-fixing project researches the underlying motivations of those involved in match-fixing and designs innovative anti-corruption programmes.
  • Combating Match Fixing in Club Football Non-Competitive Matches (CMFCFNCM) seeks to assess and address match-fixing in non-competitive matches.
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