Regulation 24/30

Taxation 16/20

Product 18/20

Integrity 7/15

Advertising 11/15

Market Summary

An emerging online market with a moderate GGR tax and wide product offering means that Colombia is likely to attract more international operator interest. Would benefit from continuing to strengthen its framework, notably on betting integrity.



Regulatory framework

Colombia was the first country in Latin America to regulate online gambling, issuing its first licence in 2017. Land-based and online regulated nationally by Coljuegos (some regional licensing). Land-based pool betting has been under an exclusive contract. Online operators can provide terminals for sports betting in gambling and non-gambling locations.

Licensing numbers & costs

Operators required to pay to 1% of both their net gaming revenues and an annual fixed cost (currently COP828,116 or approx. US$230 or €190). There were 17 online sports betting licensees in 2020. Licences are awarded for three to five years. The monopoly on land-based sports pool betting was ended in November 2019 and has not been retendered.

Enforcement & player protection

Operators must allow players to self-exclude and provide a list to the regulator, albeit there is no centralised system in place. Deposit limits must be offered, but no betting or time limits required. Addiction warnings must be displayed. AML in place.

Betting tax & levies

Online betting tax at 15% GGR (but at least 83% return to players). Pool sports betting is 17% of turnover. Regionally licensed land-based betting is 12-17% turnover. Gambling winnings are subject to income tax.

Other taxation

Corporation tax 31% in 2020, 30% in 2021. Online gambling is exempt from VAT (19%).

Betting channels

Land-based and online sports betting licensed. Race betting land-based only.

Types of betting

Permits pool, fixed-odds and exchange betting on sports and fixed-odds and exchange betting on non-sports events, including virtual sports and eSports which is not classified as a sport. Bets on horse racing are excluded from online betting. Pool betting on sports is land-based and has been provided via an exclusive contract (now ended but not retendered).

Betting integrity

Colombia is not involved in the Council of Europe sports manipulation convention or its network of national platforms. The National Committee for the Prevention of Manipulation of Sports Competitions, which involves sports and betting operators, has called for integrity legislation to be introduced.


No criminal offence of match-fixing but may be deemed a crime of private corruption (Criminal Code Art. 250A) with imprisonment of up to eight years.

Advertising (incl. bonuses) & sponsorship

Gambling operators can advertise their services, subject to the general rules of advertising. Advertising must not target minors or be broadcasted during children’s programming. Gambling ads must not give the impression that the chance of winning is greater than it is. Advertising must also include addiction warnings. Sponsorship of sport is permitted.