Regulation 22/30

Taxation 8/20

Product 15/20

Integrity 14/15

Advertising 13/15

Market Summary

Robust regulatory framework and strong on betting integrity. But high tax burden, restriction on betting product offering and additional product limitation of a land-based monopoly. Unattractive market with a low number of licensed online betting operators.



Regulatory framework

Sports betting has been allowed in France since 1985 but had been subject to monopoly provision. Land-based betting remains an monopoly, but the Online Gambling Law 2010 opened online racing and sports betting to be licensed and regulated by the ANJ (which
replaced ARJEL from June 2020).

Licensing numbers & costs

Unlimited online racing and sports betting licences, but only 14 sports betting licences
are in operation with seven of those also offering betting on racing. ANJ issues licences for renewable five-year periods; there are no licensing fees. Land-based betting is subject to a monopoly granted to Française des Jeux (FDJ), privatised in 2019. Horse racing is subject to a monopoly granted to Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU),
which also offers online sports betting.

Enforcement & player protection

Betting prohibited for under 18s. A selfexclusion programme is in place which
operators much check. A player can also request to be excluded from a specific website.
Operators must provide players with options for wagers and deposit limits. AML is in place.

Betting tax & levies

From 2020 online operators are taxed 37.7% GGR for racing and 55.2% GGR for sports betting. There is a 44.5% GGR for retail betting. Operators must also pay a fee to the organiser of a French sports event for the right to offer bets and a horse racing levy.

Other taxation

26.5-27.5% corporation tax in 2021 (set to fall to 25% in 2022). 20% value added tax (VAT).

Betting channels

Land-based (monopolies for racing and sports betting) and online racing and sports betting licensed.

Types of betting

Fixed odds and pool betting permitted; exchange betting is prohibited. The ANJ determines a list of sporting events and the periods within those events on which bets can be offered in cooperation with sports. No betting permitted on virtual events. Land-based and racing pool betting monopoly.

Betting integrity

Operators are required to report suspicious betting to the authorities. France has signed but not ratified the Council of Europe sports manipulation convention and is a member of its network of national platforms. A national platform has been in operation since 2016 working with national and international partners.


The law of 2012 (Criminal Code Art. 445) created a betting fraud offence, criminalising match-fixing with imprisonment for up to five years and €500k fine.

Advertising (incl. bonuses) & sponsorship

Advertising rules are set out in Decree No. 2010-624. Gambling adverts (publication and audio-visual) must not be aimed at minors. Marketing materials cannot be sent to self-excluded players and a message warning against excessive gambling must appear in the advertisement. Sponsorship of sport is permitted.