Regulation 27/30

Taxation 14/20

Product 17/20

Integrity 14/15

Advertising 5/15

Market Summary

Well-established market which, through a balanced framework offering wide consumer choice, has steadily reduced the number of consumers betting offshore. Overly stringent advertising restrictions may reverse that positive onshore channelling trend.



Regulatory framework

Land-based and online racing and sports betting is licensed and regulated by the ADM. Italian betting is regulated via different laws but was established by the Decree of 2006 for fixed odds sports betting.

Licensing numbers & costs

Land-based and online betting licences are awarded through a tender process. The number of licences along with the licence length, fees and other details are decided with each tender. The last tender in 2019 saw 70 online licences awarded (120 were available) at a cost of €200k each and are valid until the end of 2022. A new tender for land-based licences is expected in 2021, having been delayed since 2016.

Enforcement & player protection

Betting prohibited for under 18s. Operators must allow players to self-exclude; the ADM
created the RUA self-exclusion register in 2018. Players are required to establish betting limits and must also be allowed to set deposit limits. AML is in place.

Betting tax & levies

Land-based sports betting 20% GGR and online sports betting 24% GGR (plus 0.5% turnover tax until 2022). Virtual betting 22% GGR. Land-based racing 43% GGR and online racing 47% GGR. Customer winnings are taxable and deducted at source by operators.

Other taxation

24% corporation tax. Betting is not subject to VAT.

Betting channels

Land-based and online racing and sports betting licensed.

Types of betting

Fixed odds, pool and exchange betting are licensed. Betting on virtual events is also permitted. There is an official list of sports events on which bets may be offered; operators may request permission to offer events not covered by the list. Betting on sports events exclusively played by minors is prohibited.

Betting integrity

Licensed betting operators are required to report suspicious betting to the authorities. Italy established a unit to monitoring suspicious retail and online betting in 2011. It has signed and ratified the Council of Europe sports manipulation convention and is a member of its network of national platforms.


Legislation that criminalizes the manipulation of sport came into force in 1989 and includes imprisonment for up to two years (law 401/1989 – Art.1.3).

Advertising (incl. bonuses) & sponsorship

The advertising of all gambling services (except the national lotteries) by TV or radio broadcasts, press and other publications has been prohibited since July 2018. Sponsorship of sport has also been banned. Shop signage and land-based and betting website information on odds and bonuses is permitted.