Q4 2017 Integrity Report

The past year has proved to be one of our most challenging and yet productive to date. During 2017, the association’s monitoring and alert platform reported 266 alerts to the relevant sporting and/or regulatory authorities for investigation. Tennis (160) and football (45) continued to constitute the majority of our annual alerts. There was, however, a […]

Q3 2017 Integrity Report

ESSA held its first major event on sports betting and integrity at Lords Cricket ground in mid-October. It was fitting that the event took place at the home of cricket, a sport synonymous with fair play and respect, to consider one of the most important challenges facing the sporting and betting sectors, namely match-fixing. OPEN […]

Q1 2017 Integrity Report

At the start of 2017 we welcomed two new operators into ESSA (888.com and BetStars), adding to the significant growth in our membership over the last 12 months, which now totals 25 of the world’s largest regulated operators. Significantly, this means we have a wider network monitoring betting markets; in the first quarter of 2017 […]